About Dr Lalit Panchal

Dr Lalit Panchal is one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai. He specializes in complex  & conventional spine surgeries, hip replacement,knee replacement ,joint replacement surgery and orthopaedic injuries & trauma. He completed MS Orthopaedics from the prestigious  Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, Mumbai. He has credit of performing  more than 5000 orthopaedic procedures since 1994. He is in this profession for more than two decades. The combination of advanced experience and a great network of therapists set his practice apart. From diagnosis to surgery to rehabilitation, the close communication that Dr.Panchal establishes with patients as well as their therapists has led to high satisfaction ratings and patients outcomes. His Sonorays Diagnostic & Multi Speciality Centre, located at Mahim, is state -of-the -art clinic and offers comprehensive orthopaedic care for all ages with latest X-ray facilities.

Personal Information

Full Name
Dr. Lalit C Panchal
Sonorays Diagnostic Centre , Mahim 400016
M : 9821011855 T : +91 022-24451078
Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 10 PM


Joint Replacement Surgeries
Knee Replacement Surgeries
Hip Replacement Surgeries
Spine Surgeries

Patient Experiences


Delnaz Khodaiji Visited For Bone Fracture

Dr. Panchal is an extremely skillful and brilliant ortho surgeon. His calm and joyful exterior gives his patients the confidence that recovery will be easy. Thanks Doctor for the quick and effective treatment.


My experience with the doctor was really nice. The doctor is very clear in his communication and highly skilled , he explained me the pros and cons of the treatment offered. His patience was really appreciated as I had lots of queries !!!. He also advised that if I wish I can get a second opinion too. The surgery was explained to me very well . I am happy that I discovered one of the best ortho !

Mr Vijay Panchal

Very nice as Dr Lalit Panchal just examined my leg and did some movement’s and told me not to worry as everything is okay and will heal with medicine’s itself, and for my satisfaction he did a X Ray which was conclusive that Doc was right. I was advised to take the medicines for a week and then come for follow up check up which I did and was really happy that my knee had completely healed and was advised to wait for 4 weeks before I can again start my daily 40 minutes running.

Pushpa Jain

It was really a good dignosis . Doctor Panchal is very exprienced and seen the patient and relevant MRI. He properly explained about problem and solution . I was very much satisfied with him.

Professional Highlights

Private Own Consultancy for past 17 years

at Sonorays Diagnostic Center, Mahim

Consultant Orthopaedic-Spine & Joint Replacement Surgeon

at Gurunanak Hospital.

Honorary Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery & DNB professor

at Bandra Bhabha Hospital.

Consultant Orthopaedic- Spine & Joint Replacement Surgeon

at S.L.Raheja & Fortis Hospital.

Consultant Orthopaedic-Spine & Joint Replacement Surgeon

at Inlaks General Hospital

Consultant Orthopaedic -Spine & Joint Replacement Surgeon

at Godrej Memorial Hospital

Senior Consultant In Mumbai

Sonorays Diagnostic Center, Mahim
Fortis S L Raheja Hospital Mahim
Bhabha Hospital, Bandra
Inlaks General Hospital,Chembur
Godrej Memorial Hospital
Gurunanak Hospital


English fluent
Hindi fluent
Marathi fluent
Gujrati fluent

Specialty Interests

  • Spine & Joint Replacements
  • Complex fracture, including Pelvic-Acetabular surgeries

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